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Cat 5 Color Code Wiring Diagram

In this article I will explain Cat 5 Color Code order , Cat5 Wiring Diagram and step by step  How to crimp cat5 ethernet cable standreds a , b crossover or straight throght
In order to use UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) cables you have to terminate both ends of cable across an RJ45 (Registered Jack 45) connector.

As there are 8 wires in every UTP cables, you have to follow color coding standard on where to place each wires at RJ 45 connector. If you are using UTP cat 5 cable than you have to follow cat5 color code in order to make a working cable.

There are two color code standards TIA/EIA 568A 568B for making a working network cable. These standards will help you understanding any Cat 5 Wiring Diagram. Following is diagram of 568A and 568B color code standard

cat 5 wiring diagram color code a or b  stright  crossover cable

These both standards are used in making cross over or straight cable. 568A was first color code standard introduced in mid of 1980 and is rarely used now a days. The second one is 568B, it's the most popular one and still in use. 568B is widely used in making straight trough cables by cable manufacturer.

In order to make crossover cable you have to keep one end of cable as 568A or 568B and second one the opposite to that. For instance, if you are using 568A on one end than second end must be 568B.

For straight through cable both end of cables must follow same standard. for instance if you are using 568A on one end than other end must also use 568B.

Once you know about these color code standards the next task is to get understanding of how to make a straight or

How to crimp cat5 ethernet cable with color code :

Following are steps on how to crimp a cat5 cable , or cat 5 color code.

Step 1
In order to get started, first thing you have to do is cut the outer jacket of UTP cable using either a stripper or crimping tool. You can cut as much you want but good practice is that jacket of cable should be inside the RJ45 connector.

Step 2
After removing the jacket you will get four pairs. You have to separate each wire for putting it into RJ45 connector. Depending upon the color coding you are using separate each pair, as shown in diagram below.

Step 3
After getting all eight pairs separated, align all eight wires as per your coding standard (as shown in step 3 diagram).

Step 4
One you have all your cables aligned, next thing you have to do is cut them from top. Make sure they all have same point of cutting as shown in figure so that they can fit well into the RJ45 connector.

Step 5
After cutting your cables place your cables in your RJ45 connector make sure all 8 wires are well inside the connector.

Step 6
.After you placed cable in the RJ45 connector , place the RJ45 connector in the crimping tool and press it. Purpose of this is to make connection of UTP cables with RJ45 conductors. Make sure they both meet each other.

Step 7
After getting it done on both ends test your cable your cable tester. different cable tester have different ways of telling you have crimped the cable correctly. After getting green signal from cable tester you can use your cable


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