Electrical cable Wiring Diagram Color code

Look for a house Electrical wire color code guide: This article describes the new electrical cable color code wiring diagram ac and dc in United States,uk,Canada,Europe for single phase or three phase In Electrical engineering, different wires have different color codes. This makes it easy to differentiate and identify each wire .In diagram the live wire has a different color from the neutral wire and the earth wire. It is also useful for separating the three phases for three phase connections. And most importantly, it is good for safety purpose. The properties of one wire could be different from the properties of another and misplacing connections could be fatal to personnel handling the connections. The color coding convention in Europe is different from that of the United States, canada , united kingdom and australia.

Electrical Wire Color Codes In Europe :

In Europe, the standard used is specified by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The wiring standard was initially published as IEC 60446 but in 2010, it was merged into IEC 60445.

electrical cable color code wire diagram in europe live phase neutral

 - For single phase wiring, the new European color code use

  •  Brown color for live cable,
  •  Blue color for neutral cable 
  • Striped green and yellow color for the earth/ground cable.
 - For three phase wires color code:

  • Brown color is used for line 1, 
  • Black color is used for line 2 
  • Grey color is used for line 3.
 The new European color code takes account of proper phase rotation. The new standard was adopted to prevent people from confusing the protective earth wire with other electrical wires. It also protects people that have red-green color blindness.  In the old IEC color code, all lines in the three-phase supply were black or brown and that caused so much confusion.

The United Kingdom now use the new IEC color code format. The United Kingdom used its own color code till 2004. In March, 2004, the UK adopted the IEC color code.  

Electrical Cable Wiring diagram in the United States :

There are two color codes available in the United States for different voltages. For 120/208/240 V single phase, the live cable is lack or red, the neutral cable is white colored while the protective earth can be green, bare or striped green and yellow in color.  For three phase 120/208/240 V, the first phase is colored black, the second phase is colored red while the third phase is colored blue.

electrical usa cable color code wire diagram standard 3 phase

For 277/480 V AC power, the neutral power is colored gray while the earth is colored green, bare and striped green and yellow. The phase 1 is colored brown, phase 2 is colored orange, the phase 3 is colored yellow. The 277/480 V AC systems are usually used for industrial equipment and motors.

3 phase electrical cable color code wire diagram  live  neutral

Bottom Line

The color code convention for each region should be followed. It will prevent electrical shocks due to wrong identification and inappropriate connections. When you are faced with a tangle of wires and you need to do or repair some wiring, take note of the house electrical color coding wiring of that country.

Uk electrical  power cable color code wiring diagram :

The United Kingdom and Europe use the same color coding while the United States has its own color coding convention. Indicator lights on panel boxes usually use this same color coding convention. It must also be noted that older connections may use different color codes

 Uk electrical  power cable color code wiring diagram

 -  single phase wiring, the united kingdom color code :
  •  Brown color for single phase
  •  Blue color for neutral cable 
  • Green with Yellow Stripe for the earth/ground cable.
 - three phase wires  :
  • Phase 1 - Brown
  • Phase 2 - Black
  • Phase 3 - Grey

Canadian Electrical Cable Color Code Wiring Diagram :

Canadian electrical cable color code wiring diagram

- Single phase canadian color code
  • Single Phase 1 - Black or Red (2nd hOT)
  • Neutral - White wire
  • Ground - Green with Yellow Stripe
- Tree Phase canadian color code :
  • Phase 1 - Red wire
  • Phase 2 - Black wire
  • Phase 3 - Blue wire
  • Neutral - White wire
  • Ground - Green with Yellow Stripe

Astralian electrical cable color code wiring diagram :

Australian Installation Cable Color Code :     


Australian Installation wiring color code single phase
  • Active or live - Red wire
  • Neutral -  Black wire
  • Earth  -  Green/Yellow 
Australian Installation 'Building' Wiring Three Phase
  • Phase 1 - Red
  • Phase 2 - White 
  • Phase 3 - Dark Blue 
  • Neutral - Black
  • Earth - Green/Yellow                                                                                                                                                          

Australian Equipment Wire Color Code 

Australian Equipment wiring Color Code single phase
  • live - Brown
  • Neutral - Light Blue
  • Earth - Green/Yellow
New cable  colour code for  Three Phasee
  • Phase 1 - Brown
  • Phase 2 - Black
  • Phase 3 - Grey
  • Neutral - Light Blue
  • Earth - Green/Yellow

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