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Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram Light Switch

This article contains  a ceiling fan wiring diagram and a light kit. The wiring arrangements for electrical source at the switch and at the ceiling fixture. It could be a single switch wiring or double switch wiring.

Every wire connected to a switch are hot wires. The neutral wires and ground wires are not connected to the switch. Usually the hot wire to the fan in a fan/light combination kit is black while the blue wire is usually for light. Then the white wire is the neutral which is connected to source neutral at the source or with the use of a splice in the switch box. The white wire can also be used to carry current if needed. When it is used to carry current, it should be wrapped with an electrical tape to indicate it as hot. The ground wires will be green and/or bare copper.  The ground wire should be spliced open with a short piece of wire and connected to every device and outlet box with a grounding terminal.

DANGER: The mains must always be turned off before any work is started.  To avoid electrocution, the supply to the circuit must be dead. Turn the power off yourself and use a tester screwdriver to be extra sure. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. One can’t be too careful when it comes to working with electricity.

 Ceiling fan Wiring Diagram With Single Switch :

This wiring method is used when the power source is from the switch and one wants to control the fan and light from that single switch. The hot source is connected directly to the bottom terminal on the switch. From there, two wires run to the ceiling fan. The neutral source wire is spliced to the white cable wire in the switch box and to the white fan wire at the other end. The black cable wire is connected to the top terminal on the switch and spiced to the black and blue wires at the fan at the other end

ceiling fan wiring diagram single switch how to wire a ceiling fan light

 Ceiling  Fan and Light switch wiring diagram :

The line voltage enters the switch outlet box and the hot wire will connect to every switch. Switch hots and line neutral will connect to a 3-wire-cable that travels to the fan/light outlet box in the ceiling. The light kit will switch to the red wire of the 3-way cable and the fan control switch will connect to the black wire. 
In this diagram, the black wire of the ceiling wire is for the fan and the blue wire is for the light kit.

ceiling fan wiring diagram double switch fan and with light switch how teo wire a ceiling fan how to install

With the diagrams listed above, you can wire a ceiling fan with either a single switch or double switch.

Dimmer switch and fan speed wiring diagram :

ceiling fan dimmer switch light kit wiring diagram

Dimmer switch and speed controller wiring diagram :

ceiling fan dimmer switch spped controller wiring diagram


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